Veronica Gussie

When I first made the decision to join a gym I remember feeling so intimidated and unsure about what do or if I belonged there. In such a male dominate atmosphere I think many women feel this way. It took me a while to work my way from just working on the cardio equipment to using weights I had no idea what to do and I was afraid to look weak and silly in front of all these strong athletes slamming weights around. I decided to educate myself in the world of lifting. I just went for it I knew if I wanted to see a change in myself and feel more confident I had to put in some hard work.

I had just gotten myself out of an extremely unhealthy and toxic relationship and wanted to make a better change for myself. Day by day I overcame my self doubt and insecurities. I stayed consistent and loved the results I was seeing and feeling from it. I fell in love with fitness and lifting. Now I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and part of my goal is to keep getting stronger pushing my limits feeling the best in my own skin and I want to encourage more woman to do the same.




It’s not all about vanity it’s a lifestyle to live do and feel your best. Since entering into the work of physic competitions I discovered there are so many like-minded women involved in the sport. It was the most empowering feeling to be on that stage surrounded by so many strong beautiful women and I hope to encourage more younger women to push themselves to do what they don’t yet know what they are capable of. When you push past your limits, test your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone you are capable of becoming the greatest version of yourself. That’s what fitness taught me and I wouldn’t change for the world.