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Tyler Shuck

Tyler Shuck is an upcoming bodybuilder who currently resides in Mountain Home, Arkansas. He recently got out the military back in April 2017. Shortly after getting out of the US Army, Tyler had went through a real dark time in his life. This was due to this young man not finding his compass in life at the time and the Veterans Affairs had deemed him a disabled veteran at 90%. This was due to several major injuries that mainly stemmed from when he was blown up by an IED in 2010.

Tyler suffered from a traumatic brain injury, three bulging disk, sciatica nerve, and nerve damage in all his extremities. All of Tyler’s injuries however wouldn’t slow him down once he had found his compass. The compass that Tyler had found was in fitness after almost committing suicide shortly after the military. He got a gym membership at WestStar Fitness in Mountain Home, AR a day after his attempted suicide.

Tyler spent the first few months conditioning his body past his injuries. A few months into his fitness journey his mother unexpectedly passed away from an overdose to Methadone. This didn’t stop Tyler but it only fueled him even more because he knew in the future that his mother and all of his fellow battle buddies would be looking over him on this journey.

Tyler competed at his very first NPC show on October 13th, 2018 at the Nebraska State Championship where he won in the novice bodybuilding middle weight class and placed second in novice “Class B” classic physique. Tyler’s second show was in Tennessee on November 3rd, 2018 at The Night of the Champions where he placed second in open bodybuilding welterweight class, second in the hero class, and third in novice “Class B” classic physique.


This young man has overcame adversity after adversity but nothing has been able to keep him down. Tyler truly found his compass with fitness/bodybuilding in his life. It helped him so much with inner confidence, self discipline, and finding organization once again in his life. Tyler future endeavors include becoming a personal trainer this winter, continuing his welding program in college, and getting ready to do more NPC shows in 2019.




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