Garrett May

I am a native of Marietta Georgia and graduated from Lassiter High school in 2008. I was a star athlete dedicated to baseball. Growing up, my father was professional baseball player in the 70’s and 80’s and I wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps.

I knew it was going be hard work but I was so ready to do it.  My parents put me into an athletic conditioning training when I was young. There were no family vacations for me when I was a kid. It was live, breathe, sleep baseball.

It was when I was 11 years old that I lifted my first barbell. I was hooked from there. I was with a family who had a whole gym facility on their property.  It was from this family of trainers and coaches that

I learned that diet and exercise were going to have play a huge role if I wanted to be a pro baseball player.

In high school, I ate a lot. I knew food was gonna get me strong and get me big. My Mom always joked that since I was a kid, I always asked for peanut butter sandwiches and cans of spinach because Popeye ate a lot of spinach and he had big guns.  So it’s still a family joke that I was the kid who always dreamed of being like Popeye.

I attended college at ETSU for 2 years and then transferred to West GA where I was granted a full scholarship to play baseball and studied sports management.

I continued to push myself, but the sad reality was that I wasn’t gonna go to the big leagues. I was crushed. I had no idea what my future would be without baseball as the core. But I knew one thing hadn’t changed. I still loved going to the gym. I still loved to meal prep and take in all that food to make me grow and fuel me.

After college, I moved back to GA and was very dedicated to health and wellness. I thought why not help people get the goals that i was getting. I got my certification with ———— and became a personal trainer. (Isn’t that how so many of us begin?) I began to train clients in diet and exercise. Not long after, I added “health Coach” to my list of certifications.

The person in the bodybuilding world who I was inspired by the most was Jay Cutler.  I read anything he put out there and followed him on YouTube.

When it was time to bite the bullet, I decided to do my very first physique show where I place 12th in ‘2015.  To be honest. I didn’t know how I felt about it at first. I am quite the “quiet guy” in the group and being on stage with all the lights was a lot more than I really wanted to handle. But I loved the training. I loved the journey of changing my body and seeing it change.  I was always told I had incredible genetics. So why not keep going! I had to stomp my fear of the stage and spotlight and I had to commit to  my next show which was in ‘2016 where I decided I was ready for the heavy weight category.  I placed 5th.  I learned so much that year. I had my wife and step daughter who were now in my life and they were so supportive. I decided to Take ‘2017 off but 2017 was the year I really began to train differently.  This was the year I hired a new coach, Kevin Ramey.

This new plan was modified and I was learning my body so much more and could see what I needed to do to be a stronger competitor. So it was in 2018, while competing in the Palmetto classic was when I felt the most confident and it showed because that was the year that I won the overall as a super heavy. It was an amazing feeling!

My regret was that I didn’t keep going that year to achieve getting that pro card. I have met some great athletes along the way and Kevin really was such a great mentor for me. My plan was to go for the big win and compete in the Arnold classic! So I began to train with even more passion! I was trying to get myself hyped up for this show, but some personal obstacles had detoured me in March. It was frustrating but I was ready so I quickly entered to compete in the Border Klash show  instead. This time, I was going in as a Super heavy….Growth had happened….. and I won OVERALL!

No waiting any more. Next show up is the North Americans where I’ll be going for my pro card. This has become my new dream. Becoming A Pro Bodybuilder. So I really know I can do it! I have a great support in my coach and family, as well as my Gym family out of Golds Gym in Woodstock Ga.

Some day, I’d love to fly out to the Golds  gym in Cali or Bev Frances gym in NY.

As for my future in bodybuilding, I’m not sure  what will come after the North American Show. I feel like rolling with it and seeing what happens, not trying to do anything too fast or the easy way so just staying consistent and dedicated.

Dream show would be the Arnold Classic – so maybe 2020 will be the year.

Healthy Living,

Garrett May
Instagram: @gmay_7