Gina Scafoglio

My name is Gina Scafoglio, I’m 24 years old, and I am a fitness enthusiast and influencer.


I started my fitness journey a little over 6 years ago when I was a senior in high school. I ran, danced, and played sports all throughout my childhood, and when the last competitive season of my senior year was over, I was left with a driving energy and urge to sweat, but college sports were not in my future, so I began going to a local gym.


From the very beginning, I have always been consistent with working out. Exercising is an escape and a passion in my life, but nutrition on the other hand – I struggled with it for the first 3 years, until I decided I was going to learn how to count macros. Now, I can actually say nutrition is one of my strengths.




Since the beginning, I have been able to lose over 25 pounds and have gained 10 pounds of muscle. I have also found my true passion in competing. I did my first NPC bikini show in August of 2017 and won first place at the Tim Gardner San Antonio Extravaganza. After that, I competed in the Summer Shredding Classic in 2018, as well as the NPC Hurricane Bay Championships and took the overall at both shows.



My long-term goals include earning my IFBB Pro status by the end of 2019, winning a pro show by the end of 2020, placing top 5 in the Olympia by 2022, and becoming Ms. Bikini Olympia by 2023. Dream big and shoot for the stars, right? “A goal without a deadline is just a dream.” -Robert Herjavec



As of now, I’m planning on taking 6 months to grow and work on my weaknesses, while also trying to motivate and educate others. Obstacles throughout the last several years seem to be never-ending, but I do my best to be transparent on social media and share my story so others can see that we all struggle.