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Akin Walters

My name is Akin Walters.

I started my bodybuilding journey a little over a year ago but at the beginning of my journey I got into a motorcycle accident which landed me in a cast for two months with mandatory physical therapy for two more months; even after completing physical therapy I still wasn’t full capable of lifting much weight.



Thanks to my coach Anthony Guzman (@t_fitness57) he kept pushing me to get stronger and stronger over the following months. As difficult as it was we both never gave up. Gaining back weight and muscle mass was the biggest struggle while holding lines and conditioning.

When we got closer to competition, during an eight week prep I purchased my supplements from @limitless_sn who also provided tips for my body type and supplements I should take to help me during my contest prep. The support of my friends and family gave me the drive to complete my prep, but most of all my one-year-old daughter gave me the drive just knowing that some day I can tell her ‘daddy did this’ would make me happy… the following are pictures of my journey.