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Celeste Schaffer

Celeste Schaffer is a petroleum engineer, longtime health and fitness advocate, and recently turned IFBB Bikini Pro from Houston, Texas. As a long time sport enthusiast, she played collegiate polo in college and competed in amateur equestrian show jumping as an adult.
Her passion for lifting started in 2011 after graduating from the University of Texas with aspirations to eventually compete in the NPC bikini division the following year. Her NPC bikini involvement ended shortly after to further pursue her goals for her engineering career.
During her break she continued to uphold the bodybuilding lifestyle while also adding cross divisional training into her regimen.
In 2018, Celeste picked up her plastic heels, spray tan, sparkly bikini to step back on stage to shake the dust off at the Lee Lebrada Classic. The following weekend she took home the overall bikini title at the Tim Gardner San Antonio Extravaganza. Later that month she won first place in Open Bikini D at the North American Championships to obtain her pro card.
With the encouragement of her coach, Celeste ambitiously plans to prepare for her pro debut as soon as the Fall of 2018. She intends on improving her physique and stage presence in hopes to compete at the Olympia stage in the future.
Celeste is currently mastering the art of balancing training, excelling in her career, and also trying to figure out what to do with her hands during photo shoots. Joking aside, she is grateful for the opportunity to compete and represent the organization at the highest level.