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Loui Churnovic

I was your typical guy at the gym who just liked to lift to try to look better and feel better about myself. I never really considered getting into bodybuilding and doing shows. However, it was in the back of my mind but life and other priorities got in the way since pursuing something like this has to be a full time commitment day in and day out.  Life through a lot at me over the years that just prevented me from really getting into this sport as we all know how expensive this lifestyle can be.  Finally, in 2017, I was able to be in a position where I was more financially stable and could pursue this. I was at a very stressful job as a General Manager for McDonalds and  I was drinking heavily that year and one day after a night of drinking and feeding my body crap food, I woke up and said it is now or never.  I left my current job and decided to do something I would really enjoy and that was managing a nutrition shop called Clique Nutrition   Being 32, I knew if I really wanted to go for it now is the time.

So, I decided to do the Midwest Gladiator in November 2017.  I did an 8 week prep and won third place.  That was my goal.  To just place top 3 in my first show.  I didn’t know anything about bodybuilding in terms of proper nutrition, how to pose or even what poses were called.  I was never really the guy who posed in the gym or at home.  I tend to have some insecurity issues, but this whole change allowed me to change myself mentally on top of the physical changes.  After placing third, I got the fire burning and wanted more.  My goal was to take my weight class and win the overall at my next show.  I put in countless hours of training and working with my coach Phil Visicaro who really brought me to a whole different level than I thought was possible.  So, 7 months between my first show and my second, I was able to reach the next goal I set for myself.  I won LHW open bodybuilding and the Overall at the NPC Illinois State Championships.  My fiancée Krista Wessley did her first show at this one as well and also placed third in Novice Figure.  Without the help and support day in and day out from her and of course my amazing family and friends this would be a hard endeavor.  Anyone in this sport definitely needs the support. Sometimes we can get the best of ourselves.

What’s next?  Some may hear this and say impossible, but nothing is impossible.  I want to go for the pro card.  I told myself after my first show that in the next 2 years I will have it.  So my bodybuilding career really started only 8 months ago.  But, I will definitely be working as hard as I can with Phil and hit this next goal!!