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Anna Adams

I was born in Jackson, Mississippi – played sports and went to Ole Miss. I was always involved in working out and sports but I was detoured away from it when I got married at the young age of 22.

The marriage quickly turned to one of verbal and physical abuse. Finally after two and a half years I was divorced and shortly after found my way back to the gym. I was asked to join a fitness team and try out a bikini contest. I was 128 pounds at my first show.

Over time I fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding. After six years of competing I had progressed from bikini, to figure, and now I compete in the fitness division.


I also started the process of becoming a judge last year in hopes of giving back to the sport I love so much; that helped me find what true beauty is. I have since moved to Nashville where I work as a travel nurse and am currently perusing my masters in nursing.