Aloanu Meagher

My name is Aloanu Meagher, I am 25 years of age and was born in the island of Oahu, in Hawaii. I hadn’t planned on being a bodybuilder but when I got back from playing football in college I promised myself that I’d turn pro in something. So far, I’ve competed in five shows, with my latest show being the 2018 NPC Pacific Islands Championships. Lifting weights has always been therapeutic for me. In 2014 I decided to challenge myself and compete in my first bodybuilding show… and since then, my passion for this sport just kept growing. I found my inner strength to push myself beyond my limits physically and mentally. I also fell in love with the sport, learning the ins and outs of your body; what works, what doesn’t. I realized how much this sport/lifestyle meant to me when I had a setback last year.
I was prepping for NPC Nationals in Miami back in July 2017 when I started getting back pains, however I thought nothing of it and I pushed through like I always do. The back pains got so bad I had to check in to the ER. I was diagnosed with a psoas strain. I was given meds and sent home the same day. Over the next couple days, the pain got worse and now my legs had become swollen. It was decided that we go to the ER at another hospital. At this point I could barely walk, my legs were severely swollen and my feet were turning purple. The doctors ran a bunch of tests and within the next couple of hours I was told that they would need to perform surgery. The doctors had found a bunch of blood clots from my legs up into my lower abdomen. They also found that one of the veins running up to my heart was underdeveloped, blood wasn’t passing through as it normally should. I didn’t realize how life threatening it was until they prepped me for surgery, saying there’s a possibility of the surgery being unsuccessful… three hours later I came out of surgery successfully, rods were inserted into the back of my legs for the blood thinners to drip into my system. I was unable to make any type of movement for the next few days while the rods were in place. I was monitored and had tests done frequently over the next two weeks when I was recovering in the ICU.
Prior to being released from the hospital, one of the doctors recommended that I lay off weight training. As it could possibly complicate things with my vein. At that moment, I was devastated… this lifestyle, lifting weights, it’s all I know, it’s my life and it just tore me apart thinking I couldn’t pick up weights again. This didn’t sit well with me so, I got another doctors opinion. He told me to ease my way back into the gym and to come into to check ups often. And that’s exactly what I did. He gave me the clear to compete again, so I set my eyes on the NPC Pacific Islands Championships for my come back with my highest potential. I came to the show and won not only my class but the overall title as well!
I’ve had so much support throughout this prep, as well as past preps. The bodybuilding community in Hawaii is such a great support system. We all treat each other like family and help one another to achieve our best. I’m so thankful for the support and motivation everyone has given me.
Written by Aloanu Meagher