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How To Workout To Reach Your Goals

An interview with Dr. Victor Prisk What advise do you have for someone starting a lifting routine when they aren’t getting the results they want? The biggest challenge with getting results i..

Proper Weightlifting Form and Protocol

“What is that person doing?” … one question asked by many when newly introduced into the world of weights. Unless you are fully immersed in all things gym and lifting, you may have seen or noted..

5 Ways to Effectively Manage Time and Workout

Every day we all face challenges such as overtasking ourselves and finding little to no available idle, free time. Working out can be an exhausting idea before you are ever capable of the physical exe..

Got Sugar?

While I do not profess to be a registered dietician, after 8 years of fueling my bodybuilding lifestyle under the guidance of a talented nutritionist as well as other coaches, I would love to share a ..

Fast Food for the Busy Body

Maintaining a diet, or controlling your meals, is important for attaining or maintaining that lean, muscle look you aim for. Food, in fact, is essential in the plans for healthy weight and more crucia..


This coming Saturday, September 15, at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Flex Lewis will appear for the last time as a 212 competitor. If he’s victorious – and he’s determined to be just that – ..

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Hidden Weight Gain Traps That are Destroying Your Diet

Hidden Weight Gain Traps That are Destroying Your Diet

Eating healthy is simply a matter of filling up on lettuce and cutting out bread, right? Wrong! Many of us have great intentions of losing weight and take steps toward a more lean body, yet miss the m..

Top 10 Classic Physique Power Rankings | Phase 2

  1. Breon Ansley   2. Chris Bumstead     3. George Peterson   4. Regan Grimes   5. Terrance Ruffin   6. ..

Top 10 Classic Physique Power Rankings

IFBB Classic Physique Top 10 Power Rankings. Photo credit to NPC News Online, Flex and Maximum Muscle Report 1. Breon Ansley 2. Chris Bumstead 3. George Peterson 4. Regan Grimes 5. Terr..

Do Not Take My Kindness for Weakness | The Next Generation of Bodybuilding

Do Not Take My Kindness for Weakness

The Next Generation of Bodybuilding In a sport that has traditionally been seen as self-serving with a Me First mentality, the stereotype of egomaniacs has been well documented. Coupled with the mille..

Unique Calf Exercise | Lying Rotary Soleus Press

“Calf Training Innovations” (or “Remember to Name It After ME!”) by Steve Colescott, Guerrilla Journalist How’s that new calf exercise working for you? “What new calf exercise?” y..

2017 IFBB Professional League Bodybuilders in Review

Maximum Muscle Reports' Brent Swansen and Nate Spear, wrap up the new 2017 IFBB Professional League bodybuilders. Check out who you need to watch for, who will be making noise on IFBB Professional Lea..

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Deltoid Doctrine

Deltoid Doctrine

Thought you knew all there was to shoulder training? Guess again! By Steve Colescott, The Guerrilla Journalist BATTLING THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER According to the ancient Greek Poets, the Lernaean..

We All Have A Six Pack

We All Have A Six Pack

  I hear the phrase all the time at the gym or on the internet, “Abs are made in the kitchen." To me, this is a very misinformed statement and I'll tell you why. Every human is born with..

Behind the Scenes: The IFBB Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championship

Scottsdale, AZ --  I'm not a writer.  I'm an amateur strength/physique athlete, businessman and fan of bodybuilding, but this isn't about me.  It's my observations from the 2017 IFBB Wi..

Training For Performance Over 40

Although science suggests that our physical performance decreases significantly year to year after age 40, on average, you do not need to be average. Sure, if you have been performing in a sport like ..

Battling The Holiday Fluff

Battling The Holiday Fluff

It’s that time of year folks. Time to build our Santa bellies for the little kiddo’s, right? Oh how quickly those pumpkin rolls and Christmas cookies add layers of insulation for the winter chill...

The Truth of Cortisol Levels

The Truth of Cortisol Levels

Cortisol, the cyclic buzzword that continues to rear its ugly head in the health conscious community, contributes to societies’ “belly fat”...or does it?  Maybe some give cortisol too mu..

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