Maximum muscle report - BackBack Yeshaira Robles | The Bikini Show Season 1 Ep. 3

Maximum Muscle Report’s Sarah Lyon and IFBB Bikini Pro Camile Periat host The Bikini Show with special guest Yeshaira Robles.

One of the original IFBB Bikini Pro’s turning pro in 2011 at Team Universe, now called NPC Universe, and qualifying for the Mr. Olympia competition in her IFBB Pro. League rookie season! Yeshaira Robles makes a come back to the 2020 Arnold Classic stage in Columbus, Ohio in just three weeks.

Sarah Lyon and Camile Periat provide you with all the background information mixed in with their playful humor, while Yeshaira breaks down where she is mentally and physically going into the Arnold Sports Festival.

Join us with episode three of The Bikini Show covering closet eating, the ups and downs of contest prep, leaving the stage and coming back to the stage – all here on exclusively with Sarah Lyon and Camile Periat on The Bikini Show.

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