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Do Not Take My Kindness for Weakness

The Next Generation of Bodybuilding

In a sport that has traditionally been seen as self-serving with a Me First mentality, the stereotype of egomaniacs has been well documented. Coupled with the millennial stigma it is hard to know when the traditional stereotype ends and the millennial stigma begins. Through the smoke and mirrors however, there has emerged a new generation of athletes, one poised to buck not only the old but also the new.

This group seems to have a new motto and a different approach. They conduct themselves as if they were your neighbor, your teammate, your friend. Always smiling with a kind eye and an encouraging word. They look at the glass half full and choose pleasantries as opposed to negativity. They are focused on how to improve, compete and succeed. As people have become more aware of how to take care of their bodies, they admire excellence in those who achieve great results and look to them for inspiration and encouragement. Looking at the before and after photos of people who have worked hard to improve themselves, both younger and older people send a message to audiences that we are always capable of more than we had previously thought we could do.

These athletes believe in you the fan, the newcomer to the gym and the first time athlete. These athletes you ask? Cyd Gillon, Brandon Hendrickson, Natalia Coelho, Derek Lunsford, and Regan Grimes. They do however also believe in themselves! Yes, they are happy, approachable and forthcoming with advice however they are also hardworking and uber competitive! Somehow folks started taking kindness for weakness. That is simply not the case here. These athletes have already proven at a very young age that they will not only be successful but the word great starts to creep into the conversation! There is a passion for competition that burns hot and a drive to achieve that runs deep! This group already has 13 pro wins, 38 top 5 pro finishes, 1 Arnold title, and Cyd Gillon is your current reigning Olympia Figure Champion! This has all been accomplished with less than 15 years total of IFBB PRO years competing between them!

How many more wins and titles will this group hold? I don’t think anyone can truly predict. More importantly how many more people will they influence and lives will they change! Is this perhaps the beginning of a new mental approach that more young athletes will now take or are these qualities unique unto themselves? This makes yet another reason these individuals have such a strong draw to them. Root for who you want, but in the grand scheme of things in a sport known for its selfishness and arrogance they are a breath of fresh air!
We decided that it was time for a new name for this new generation of bodybuilders, so we call them Don’t Take My Kindness for Weakness crew!