That Place in Hell…. I Don’t Want to Go There.

There is a special place in hell for women that do not help other women.

Madeline Albright

I am disgusted at the way women are tearing each other apart through social media. I have to address this or I will go without sleep.

It is no secret that I am on a mission to empower women. ALL women. Not just pretty ones, or skinny ones, or those that are born in America- but all women; women of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, religons and cultural backgrounds.

In my new Dear Woman calendar my August letter represents a very diverse event that I attended and was fortunate enough to be a panelist to contribute my thoughts regarding Women’s Empowerment. One point that took root with me was this…

No ONE woman can represent all women, It takes ALL of us.

So, when we start tearing down other women, in or out of the public eye we are breaking down the very fiber of strength we have all fought so hard for.

Not to mention, it’s rude, and makes you look terrible.

I do want you to stand up for yourself, to believe in and validate yourself and to climb, and not let anything or anyone stop you.

But please, before you take to the keyboard to body shame, humiliate, degrade, or demean a woman that you know or worse yet do NOT KNOW, ask yourself if this is the gracious, better version of YOU that is leading this behavior.

Written By:
Staci Boyer @motiv8nu2
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