Maximum muscle report - BackBack Sandy Williamson | The Bikini Show Season 1 Ep. 16

Maximum Muscle Report’s Sarah Lyon and IFBB Bikini Pro, Camile Periat, host head Olympia judge, the IFBB Professional League and NPC Worldwide women’s chairperson, Ms. Sandy Williamson!

Sandy Williamson’s name is a household name amongst the bodybuilding community, especially throughout the women’s divisions. You will find Sandy Williamson in the middle of the judges table at many IFBB Professional League competitions along with the NPC National level competitions, head-judging the women’s divisions.

Who is Sandy Williamson? How did she become Sandy Williamson?

The girls dive into these unanswered questions with Sandy Williamson while discussing how the #coronavirus has effected her and her everyday life, along with Sandy Williamson’s opinion on the Super Bowl of bodybuilding, The Mr. Olympia weekend – Will the show go on?

Find out everything you have been wanting to ask Sandy Williamson right here on #TheBikiniShow with your hosts, Sarah Lyon and Camile Periat!




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