Dr. Jennifer Hennessey

  • Board Certified Veterinarian

  • IFBB Professional League Bikini Athlete

  • Miss Texas and Miss Legacy US

Instagram: @fitvetjen_ifbbpro

Dr. Jennifer Hennessey

I am Dr. Jennifer Hennessey-Bremseth, IFBB Bikini Pro, Mrs. Texas Legacy and Mrs. Legacy United States. I am a veterinarian in Texas, owner of Animal ER of NW Houston and Wonder Pet Rehabilitation & Recovery, a graduate of Texas A&M. Aside from running my hospitals, I am a proud mom of two and a military wife, proudly married to Sergeant Major Greg Bremseth. I am the chairperson for the Texas Veterinary Medical Assiociation’s public relations committee, serve on the board of the American Society of Veterinary Journalists, and am in the process of complete three additional veterinary certifications as well as my Fitness Nutrition Specialization.

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