Maximum muscle report - BackBack Posing Routines Women’s Bodybuilding | Rising Phoenix World Championships

Maximum Muscle Report captures the Rising Phoenix World Championships here in Phoenix, Arizona!

0:19 Irene Anderson
2:04 Kim Buck
4:18 Barbara Carita
6:41 Nicki Chartrand
8:26 Robin Hillis
10:31 Theresa Ivancik
12:09 Susanna Jacobs
14:10 Monique Jones
16:18 Janeen Lankowski
18:21 Jessica Martin
20:27 Margie Martin
22:46 Silvia Matta
24:26 Kristina Mendoza
26:23 Pauline Nelson
28:22 Mona Poursaleh
31:20 Andrea Shaw
32:41 Helle Trevino
35:13 Tina Williams
37:08 Aleesha Young

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