No, I Am Not Intimidated…

A friend asked me yesterday how I deal with not being intimidated by younger girls at the gym. Here is a snippet of our conversation. Pardon my candor.

She asked:

Today I found myself a little “intimidated” by the younger girls at the gym

Wtf is that?

My response:

STOP the PRESSES — LISTEN…….I always feel good about my hard work and effort — I am not intimidated by “girls” nope. They have not been through what I have been through. AND who gives a shit if they have nice bodies — tits and ass etc — I know I have far more to offer than just that. Life experience is priceless. The fact that we are still going and doing…. is badassary at its finest. (I also said “fuck em”)

She said: Yes!!!!!! That’s what I needed!!!! Ty!! (I’m saving this)

Now let me further this — most young girls in the gym or anywhere for that matter are NOT trying to intimidate — often its emulate. I — over the years have taken the time to talk with, befriend, and very often mentor these young girls. They are searching, as we all are, for the perfect formula and essentially the best version of ourselves.

At the end of the day who is responsible for any perception of intimidation? We are. It is an emotion that we cultivate due to our own insecurities. So we control whether we are or more importantly ARE NOT intimidated. Knowing our own self-worth, and being confident in what we bring to the table is the first step. We are the master of our domain. And finally if someone is really being a straight up bitch — it still is about them, not you — smile, kill them with kindness, and get on with your badass business.

Written By: Staci Boyer