2017 IFBB Professional League Bodybuilders in Review

Maximum Muscle Reports’ Brent Swansen and Nate Spear, wrap up the new 2017 IFBB Professional League bodybuilders. Check out who you need to watch for, who will be making noise on IFBB Professional League stages in 2018 and what Swansen and Spear predict for these athletes to do in their coming competition years.

Here are the new IFBB Professional League bodybuilders from the most prestigious national show in the nation, NPC USA Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.


NPC USA Championships 

1. Bantamweight – Jeffrey “Jay ” Orillaza

*Picture provided by NPC News Online*

Jay was the winner of 2017 USA’s bantamweight class earning him his IFBB Professional League card. Jay is a Florida native, previously winning Mr. Jacksonville and placing fourth at The 2016 NPC Nationals in Miami, Florida. His strengths are: he’s very complete head to toe, has great shape and conditioning. Not sure if he can ever be competitive on a pro stage being so short and already very complete around 150 lbs. it will be interesting to see if in years to come he is able to put on enough size to ever be competitive on the IFBB Professional League stages.


2. Lightweight – John Small

*Picture provided by NPC News Online* 

John Small champion of 2017 USA’s lightweight class earning him his IFBB Professional League card.  John is a Texas native. He’s only been competing a very short time but has placed respectively at The NPC Texas state show, one of the top regional shows in the country. His strengths are his conditioning and legs, to be competitive on a pro stage he will need to do a lot of work. He will need at least 30+ lbs. stage weight increase, and even with that it will still be structurally hard to hang in 212 or even the rapidly booming classic physique division.


3. Middleweight – Daniel Alexander

*Picture provided by NPC News Online* 

Daniel Alexander class winner of 2017 USA’s middleweight earning him his IFBB Professional League card.  Daniel is from Arizona but resides now in beautiful California. He walked away with 5th and 3rd place at the previous years USA Championships in the middleweight class. His strengths are his lights out conditioning/hardness paired with his balanced physique head to toe. Things he needs to improve for the IFBB Professional League stage is going to be size and more density, we could see him being competitive in 212 or even doing classic physique and winning some pro shows – after more time in the gym.


4. Light-heavyweight – Derek Lunsford

*Picture provided by NPC News Online* 

Derek Lunsford, overall bodybuilding champion of the 2017 NPC USA Championships. Coming off an excellent year in 2016 winning the NPC Jr. Nationals in Rosemont, Illinois. Just falling short in 2016, missing his pro card by one place at the same show NPC USA Championships, 2017 was the year of Lunsford. After taking the overall and Mr. USA title, Lunsford went on to win his pro debut at the IFBB Professional League Tampa Pro show just one week later and topped off the year with a 5th place finish at the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition. Many in the sport believe it’s just a matter of time before we have a future Mr. Olympia winner on our hands. Will Lunsford be the first to dethrone Flex Lewis?


5. Heavyweight – Jacob Wilson

*Photo provided by NPC News Online*

Jacob Wilson champion of the heavyweight division at the 2017 NPC USA Championships. Wilson from Houston, Texas is no stranger to the national stage. Bringing in lights out conditioning Wilson came away with the class win. Wilson went on to compete at the IFBB Professional League Tampa Pro just one week later placing second behind Lunsford in the 212 division. There is a lot to like about Wilson’s physique and time will tell if he will continue upon the 212 path, or after a long off-season add the needed size to do damage in the open field.


6. Super-Heavyweight – Patrick Moore

*Picture provided by NPC News Online*

Patrick Moore champion of 2017 USA’s super heavyweight class earned him his IFBB Professional League card. Patrick is from Texas, previously winning one of the top state shows at the 2016 Texas State,  beating NPC Nationals 2016 overall winner Shaun Vasquez. He was a smaller super heavyweight weighing around 230 lbs. at roughly six feet tall. His strengths are his small waist, huge v-taper, big arms, huge muscle bellies, and his back. Adjustments Moore needs to improve on before hitting the pro stage: overall leg size and conditioning could be a little shaper, needs to be bigger overall at the IFBB Professional League level, but can see him doing very well in a few years, possibly taking a title back home to Texas with him.