Maximum muscle report - BackBack Nathalia Melo | The Bikini Show Season 1 Ep. 11

Maximum Muscle Report’s Sarah Lyon and Camile Periat bring you yet another episode of The Bikini Show; this week with special guest, Nathalia Melo!

Nathalia Melo is a well-known, bikini division “OG” as the girls say. Nathalia Melo is a former Ms. Bikini Olympia, the third Ms. Bikini Olympian ever and Brazilian native.

Listen in as the girls dive deep into the revolution of the IFBB Professional League bikini division since Nathalia Melo had last stepped on stage. Melo doesn’t hold back with her passionate opinion of the bodybuilding industry and bikini division itself.

Kids? Wine? Killing time during quarantine? Of course Sarah Lyon and Camile Periat chat the latest on the #coronavirus with you!

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