Maximum muscle report - BackBack LOGAN FRANKLIN MAKES THE SWITCH TO CLASSIC! | The King’s Court

Maximum Muscle Report’s IFBB Pro. League athlete George Brown and Mandus Buckle bring to you the third episode of the 2019 series of The King’s Court!

On this weeks’ episode George Brown and Mandus Buckle go over last weekend’s Spectrum Fitness Governors Cup, along with upcoming shows around the IFBB – who will prevail? Who is going to be consistent throughout the season? Who haven’t we seen yet on the stage? What are some common beginner mistakes for new competitors?

With special guest, Logan Franklin, who gives the inside scoop on on why he decided to make the switch to Classic Physique after a good showing at the Arnold Classic.

The King’s Court is your bi-weekly show providing YOU with the inside scoop on the latest within the IFBB Pro. League men’s physique division!


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