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2019 Arnold Classic Day 1

Live broadcasting started on 28/02/2019 05:09 and was finished on 02/03/2019 18:26

  • 18:24 pm
    looks to be between steve and george, depends what they want. steve's weakness is usually condition but he really brought it, hams were hard and dry, back was pretty nuts, george also hard dry round, crazy lat insertions,great legs, it could be a toss up
  • 18:21 pm
    first callout george, laureus, keone, courage
  • 18:13 pm
    leone, huge quads, nice sweeps, round full, could be a little leaner and drier, beautiful physique, could be the future of classic, just gotta nail the formula
  • 18:13 pm
    fabio could be a sleeper, was hard dry, shredded, very complete, a lot of muscle,, hams nasty dug out, could see glutes hard n dry, should be in first callout
  • 18:11 pm
    charles curtis great shape, legs a little flat, has been sharper, need stop be a little fuller, a lot of potential
  • 18:10 pm
    RickyMoten very round full great quads, tiny waist,arms could come up a tad, great muscle, could be a little tighter
  • 18:08 pm
    moody a little smaller but has a tiny waist great structure, could be a little drier, great potential but still has some time
  • 18:06 pm
    Panexe looks great, quad separation, good condition, seen him better, should be in the 8-6 spot, posing could be more 'classic'
  • 18:05 pm
    lowe very full round, looks big , not as structurally pleasing but very complete
  • 18:04 pm
    Wesley viissers the arnold clone as they say, tall, good structure could ue a little more legs, but very good head to toe, needs a little more muscle maturity to hang with the big boys
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