Maximum muscle report - BackBack Lauralie Chapados | The Bikini Show Season 1 Ep. 14

Maximum Muscle Report’s Sarah Lyon and IFBB Pro Camile Periat host special guest, 3X Olympian, Lauralie Chapados!

Lauralie Chapados became a household name in the bikini division rapidly, climbing the ranks and beating many veteran bikini pros within her first year on the IFBB Professional League circuit. Taking 2nd place at her very first Mr. Olympia competition, her expectations and goals were set high. Chapados was humbled at the 2019 Arnold Classic where after a coaching change, she went from second in the world to placing sixth amongst the other top bikini pros in Columbus, Ohio.

What has Chapados changed since then?

Why was Lauralie intaking only 700 calories for the last few weeks?

How has dating Mr. Olympia, Shawn Rhoden, impacted Lauralie and her mindset? Where will we see Lauralie on stage next?

Listen in as Sarah Lyon and Camile Periat find out the answers to all of the above questions, how the #coronavirus is affecting Lauralie and more on this episode of #TheBikiniShow





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