Maximum muscle report - BackBack India Paulino | The Bikini Show Season 1 Ep. 17

Maximum Muscle Report’s Sarah Lyon and IFBB Pro Camile Periat host special guest, 3X Arnold Classic Champion, 15X IFBB Professional League contest champion, India Paulino!

Sarah Lyon, Camile Periat and India Paulino kick off chatting about the coronavirus, how is it in South Florida for India? Going stir crazy?

This leads them into a mild political conversation and how individuals comments effect those receiving.

India Paulino, retired police officer, starts from the beginning with her competitive career. Learning unhealthy ways, the original way to get on stage and compete as a bikini competitor, when did that change for her? What forced her to make that change?

Pain feeds motivation for many, India Paulino tells the girls about the pain that she endured and experience and how it ended her up in a top spot amongst the IFBB Professional League and fueled her personal growth.

This is a can’t miss episode with another ‘Bikini OG’ hosted by Sarah Lyon and Camile Periat with Maximum Muscle Report!

*India’s Instagram biography was changed after this recording*

 @India Paulino 




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