I Can Be Happy and Still Raise My Bar

This week I am inspired by a conversation with my client Amanda.

So often people assume they have to put down something in order to lift up another thing.

Put Mary down so Jane looks better. Pick apart THAT so THIS seems to be the better option….make that person or that sport or that lifestyle look bad so we can talk everyone into believing the NEW thing is better.

Who are we really trying to convince anyway? My point…. is this –

We do not only do this, to other things and other people…. we do this to ourselves. I fully believe many of us are caught in the trap of assuming we need to be unhappy, unfulfilled and in a situation of dislike with ourselves in order to choose to be better.

SO perhaps the narrative goes something like this…. I need a change, I need a better body, I need a better job, I need, I want, I deserve…… why, why, why,….. sound familiar?

Photo By: D-Ray Photography

So lets recreate the negative narrative. I am going to suggest the following and in my humble opinion I believe it may very well be the catalyst that creates the momentum for the change we seek.

Start with accepting responsibility for where we are in our life, and finding the good. List what you are grateful for and what you have accomplished in your journey so far. Once you have changed any negative needy talk into an attitude of gratitude — go forth and SET YOUR BAR HIGHER!

Raising your standards and pushing forward from a place of positive thinking and gratefulness will give you the the spark you need to get up and over that bar you just raised. Try it — I dare you.

One final thought — It is NOT about always going back to the drawing board, and starting over or from scratch. We are never who we used to be. We are always better — because we grow, we learn, we adapt and we become stronger. Our starting place is NEVER way back where it was….. we have always made progress.. always.

Written By: Staci Boyer