How to Optimize Arm Training | Wendy Fortino

IFBB Pro. League figure athlete, cover model, 4X Olympian, Wendy Fortino, takes you through how to optimize your arm training!

Wendy Fortino takes you through multiple fundamental arm training movements and breaks down step-by-step each movement and the best way to optimize each exercise.

Bicep exercises:

  1. Standing alternate dumbbell curls
  2. Incline dumbbell curls
  3. Barbell bicep curls
  4. Barbell preacher curls
  5. Bicep hammer curl
  6. Cable rope hammer curls

Tricep exercises:

  1. Cable tricep extensions
  2. Tricep extensions (at an angle)
  3. Unilateral dumbbell tricep extension
  4. Skull crushers – flat bench
  5. Skull crushers – incline bench

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