Maximum muscle report - BackBack Success = Effort

Our successes are in direct proportion to our efforts!

Whatever energy you put out you will receive back also…..
One side-bar to this is to take into consideration who you give that energy to.

I video blogged regarding “enough is enough” and how it is okay to give- just be cognizant of whom you are giving to. Soon if you are giving everything you have got to offer — you would assume (we know how this goes lol) — you would assume… you would get EVERYTHING in return… correct? NOT if you are giving to the wrong person. BOOM now you know.

Back to #success. We have #control of our results — ultimately. We just have to realize it. Great Effort = Great Success /Giving = Receiving /#Positivity, #Patience,#Understanding,#Love…… well, I think you get it.

So pick — what do you want? Now go and give THAT.

Written By: Staci Boyer