Maximum muscle report - BackBack Classic Physique: The New Guard | The King’s Court

Maximum Muscle Report’s Mandus Buckle and IFBB Pro George Brown along with special guests, Andrew Berry and Sid Rai sit down and chat everything Classic Physique.

Classic Physique was a new division in 2016 and has become a fan-favorite rapidly. Danny Hester won the first ever Mr. Olympia for the Classic Physique division followed by Breon Ansley in 2017, 2018 and then Chris Bumstead, Canadian native in 2019.

Who are the top Classic Physique competitors? Who are the top 15? Who should we be on the look out for? How has the evolution of Classic Physique changed? Hear the answers to all of these lingering questions and more Classic Physique talk with Mandus Buckle, George Brown, Andrew Berry and Sid Rai right here on Maximum Muscle Report’s, The King’s Court.

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