Chloe Sannito

Chloe Sannito

NPC Women's Physique Athlete
Certified Personal Trainer
RedCon1 Athlete

Chloe Sannito


My name is Chloe Sannito, I am 20 years old residing in Crown Point, IN and I am an NPC women’s physique competitor. Currently in school for business administration and working as a personal trainer, I do have other interests beside competing.

Spending time with family and friends while learning the importance of faith at a young age, I try to keep my social life with my loved ones first in life. However, in 2010 I decided to change my life as I had known it as an overweight high school freshman to venture into the fitness industry.

At age 15 I attended a weight loss camp in Melbourne, Florida where I had set out to lose 25 pounds and continue to live a healthy lifestyle when returning home. Never expecting it to go much further I continued to shock myself by deciding to get into competitive bodybuilding!

Only two years later I was competing in figure where I had one the overall title in Michigan at The Midwest Challenge followed by taking a runner up at The NPC Ironman in Chicago, Illinois.

After my second show my body took a hard turn for the worse where I suffered hormonal/thyroid issues I was determined to fix. Almost three years later at age 20, I have now been able to go through the tough learning process of fixing my metabolic issues and having the opportunity to advance to the women’s physique division where I won the overall women’s physique title at The NPC Kentucky Open. Just four weeks later I competed in my first national show at North Americans where I placed 13th.

I intend on taking a long offseason to compete in the future bringing the best Chloe Sannito to date, aiming to achieve my pro status as a women’s physique competitor!

Pride Nutrition 870 x 175
Cj Elite  870 x 175