Back Brandon Hendrickson | Men’s Physique Olympia 2018

Brandon Hendrickson, third in the world for the men’s physique division, heads back to to Las Vegas to compete at the most prestigious bodybuilding event in the world – The Mr. Olympia.

In Brandon’s rookie year, 2015, he took the stage as an unknown name and placed 5th amongst 25+ IFBB Pro. League men’s physique competitors. Since then Brandon has consistently stayed amongst the top in the men’s physique division and this year is looking to claim the throne and snag the #1 spot from 4X champ – Jeremy Buendia.

In this episode of Brandon Hendrickson’s road to the Olympia – see Brandon and long time coach/friend Mandus Buckle go through a brutal back session, focusing on Brandon’s width.

What tactics are they using to focus on this body part? Does Brandon really think he can take the title from the champ? Watch the full episode above and comment below with what you think!

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