Be Kind to Yourself

There are enough people out there that will be happy to beat us up and beat us down — let us NOT do that to ourselves.

After my first blog in this section about pants off…. I received many private messages, texts, emails, and comments. I was floored, humbled, saddened, and inspired. Thank you.

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During this past week I focused on my view of myself each day — I did not say OUT-LOUD one negative thing to myself — I thought a few things — though, then I said out-loud the opposite of the crappy thing I just thought. I worked out mostly in my home studio — consistently. I did make it out to Midwest Fit club with my team who unconditionally support me, like family. This is amazing to me. I am blessed. I also worked out with one of my teammates at Barbell Central. This was a great day — I felt strong, laughed, pushed past plateaus and was asked if I compete. Which is always nice during the “improvement season”.

Photo By: D-ray Photography

It’s when someone comes up says, “Ahhh you don’t have any shows coming up in a while do you….” that leaves you a bit cold inside. First response is — “Thanks for noticing asshole…” LOL! AND then finally I made it out to Xsport- (I turned down 2 offers early in the week — I have to be honest…) At Xsport I worked out with myself.. me… the motivated Staci that is WHO I AM. That was also a great day. Anyway — through all of this, my main goal each and every day (and this is what I told everyone that asked me advice) was to close out my day asking myself this question….

Was I kind to myself today?

This covers many aspects of my life. From food to fitness to the joy I get from being with my kids to not numbing negativity with a glass of wine. As I am “fixing” my offseason view of myself I came across my friend Tonya’s post in a bikini this morning. This woman I know very well — you could say we are kindred spirits. I love how she embraces a beautiful feminine body — strong, athletic, gorgeous and confident. Not ripped or extremely lean like we get on stage for the NPC- although she competes this way and wins. She is the epitome of the BLOOM where you are planted mantra my grandmother taught me. So I thought… mmm I wonder what I look like right now — so I ran upstairs — tore off my sweatpants and decided I was happy with my 45 year old improvement season body. Thanks Tonya for helping me view myself in a very positive light today. I do know things will improve as my attitude improves… see how that works… mind over matter… boom.

Photo By: D-ray Photography

This check-list for me helps create balance. If I make something a priority I will make time for it. Being KIND to myself is now a priority on my TO DO list. Just as important as brushing my teeth, hugging my kids, and doing the dishes — I will make a point of NOT beating myself UP or DOWN. I create the framework for my mentality. I create the energy I choose to put out into the world. I will give with love and positivity to others AND to myself. What I give I will receive. Now — I am off to Xsport… its chilly outside, but damn it,… I am wearing these shorts.

Written By: Staci Boyer