Maximum muscle report - BackBack Arnold Recap + The Bikini Arm | The Bikini Show Season 1 Ep. 7

Welcome to The Bikini Show where MMR’s Sarah Lyon and IFBB Pro. Camile Periat discuss the hottest topics of the Bikini division within the IFBB Professional League and NPC Worldwide!

This week the Sarah Lyon and Camile Periat give you a recap of the 2020 Arnold Classic Bikini placements. It was a tight race in Columbus, as many of the athletes brought amazing packages to the stage. Who did Sarah and Camile predict would be in the top and how did that play out? Who do they feel could have brought a better physique?

There has been a rule change for the Bikini division. The well known “teapot arm” is no more. What do the ladies think of this change and what does it mean for the posing in the division? #TheBikiniArm

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