5 Tips to Get What YOU WANT During the Holidays

Here is a thought — lets not focus on what you can’t have, or what NOT to do but plan what you can have and will do.

1. Plan your fun meals. — schedule these holiday fun meals and treats into your week. I guarantee that you will hold yourself accountable on the days and times surrounding the scheduled fun time —

2. KNOW that you CAN have fun foods — and not restrict with your family and friends, just add in some HIIT cardio training on the days before and after your events and work large muscle groups on the days after these events — like legs or back

3. If going to a restaurant try looking at the menu ahead of time to get an idea of what you will be ordering. You will be more likely to pick healthier options with some thought beforehand.

4. If having cocktails avoid fruity heavily sugary drinks with mixers and opt for Red wine and drink one glass of water with each cocktail. You can even make your own sangria- healthy, fresh, lower in bad sugars!! Use flavored sparkling water!!

5. Finally one rule of thumb that I follow is to either have cocktails or dessert — not both.

However, if you normally have 2 glasses of wine and you really want some chocolate cake then only have 1 glass of wine and share the cake with a friend!

Happy Holidays!!! Live life!

Written By: Staci Boyer