5 Healthy Eating Habits for the Physique Athlete

5 Healthy Eating Habits for the Physique Athlete

If you’re new to competing or just trying to live a healthier lifestyle it’s important to develop healthy eating habits that will help you towards your physique/fitness goals. In the beginning it can be kind of overwhelming to think about all the changes and sacrifices that you have to make to be your best come show time. That’s why I think if you’re a beginner its important to start slow and focus on mastering one habit at a time.

1. Drinking more water throughout the day. This starts first thing in the morning right when you wake up with a tall glass of water. I like to bring a tall glass of water to bed and leave in on my nightstand so when I wake up I can drink it first thing in the morning when I wake up. A lot of bodybuilders like to carry around a gallon of water with them everywhere they go and drink that throughout the day. I also like carrying a 1-1.5 Liter of water with me and focus on getting 4-6 servings throughout the day . Either way works

2. Eating More Protein. I can really geek out with this one but I’ll spare you all the trouble and just get straight to the point. If you’re lifting weights and are constantly breaking down muscle tissue it’s imperative to get adequate protein intake through whole food source like chicken, fish, and lean red meats to name a few. These are essential to building and repairing quality muscle tissue. If you don’t own a food scale a good rule of thumb is for males to get two fist full size servings per meal and for females, 1 fist full size serving per meal.

3. Eating more Fruits and Veggies. 10 servings of fruits and veggies per day is ideal. I understand that most people don’t get that. This brings us back to making small changes and taking small steps. If you’re only eating 1-2 servings of fruit and veggies per day work up to getting 3-5 servings. If your eating 5 servings work up to 8-10 servings per day.

4. Eating healthy fats daily. Avoiding trans fats and getting more good fats will help promote fat loss and optimal brain health with a healthy supply of omega 3s along with a whole other host of benefits. Healthy nuts like almonds, avocados, and supplementing with MCT or fish oil are good.

5. Eating Slower and Eating Faster. If your fitness goal is weight loss then your focus should be on eating your food slower. Work on chewing your food and actually tasting your food because it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to send a signal to your brain that its full. If your goal is weight gain then you should focus on doing the opposite and eating faster trying to consume more calories before you start to feel full and cant eat more.

*A good side note for all the hard gainers is if your training hard enough your body should respond by being hungrier and wanting/needing more food.

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