Transformation Tuesday | IFBB Bikini Pro Weezie Owens

Athletics has always been a focus in my life. Whether participating in the Highlands games, Spartan race, running in a local 5k or Disney race in my pink tutu, I have always enjoyed the competition lifestyle. My IFBB bikini journey began about four years ago. I remember buying fitness magazines and looking at the bikini pros, wondering what it would be like and how they got there. Amanda Latona, Nicole Nagrani and Nathalia Melo were some of the athletes I followed. I read about how to change my body using diet and lifting weights. I begged a friend of mine to compete with me so I wouldn’t have to do it alone. Together, we set a goal for me to build muscle and add shape to my long and lean physique, as well as step on stage before turning 42. We set out and found a trainer at our local gym. We trained daily and I made it to the stage one month before my birthday. The show was a great experience and I realized that competing entailed more than just being fit. Bringing like-minded people together each with their own journey was both motivating and inspiring. They say for some people, a show might be one and done…. that wasn’t the case for me! I was hooked!

Over the next few years I kept competing and had great success, placing top five in the majority of my shows. I continued to train daily and it became evident that the sport included my daughter as well. My daughter was and still is my number one supporter. Never once has she complained about the HOURS I’ve spent and continue to spend at the gym. She encouraged me to keep going after every show and never give up on my dream of becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro. She even helps with meal prepping and eats the prep food with me.

In 2015 at the North Americans, I placed second, just barely missing my pro card. During the flight home, I made it my mission to win the next year. According to the feedback I received from that show, I “need to work on and tighten my glutes and hamstrings”. So, over the next 9 months I focused on just that…. my backside. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. After 2.5 years, I decided to get a new coach and try a new approach. In 2016, with the help of my coach, Steve Mousharbash, we placed top three at both NPC Universe and at Masters Nationals before winning at North Americans. Not waiting long to set the next goal, I decided to step on the IFBB stage before turning 45, so THE DAY BEFORE my 45th birthday, I walked across the Florida Victory Pro show as a new IFBB Bikini Pro.

Obviously, I am a very goal oriented person. My current goal and one that I am working relentlessly towards is to see my name on the list for the Olympia Qualification Series. By doing so, I want to bring exposure to the Masters division. I would love to help create such a movement, that Masters would become part of the Olympia program. Day by day, show-by-show I am hustling towards that objective.

There are no shortcuts in this sport. It takes time, patience and determination before we are rewarded. It took me three years and seven national shows before turning pro. I am truly grateful that I never gave up and know that it was done with integrity. It’s the journey not the destination.

Forever grateful and humble….


Weezie Owens, IFBB Bikini Pro