Wandering up and down grocery store aisles analyzing and decoding the nutrition labels deciding, “Will this fit my diet?” “Can I eat this?” It’s a common question many shoppers talk to themselves about while browsing a countless number of selections of food groups. Maximum Muscle Report wanted to implement our teams’ two cents in grocery shopping and the variety that every lifestyle dieter needs!

There are a few main nutrition details that you wouldn’t want to skip over, fat content, carb content and sugar content. Why fat? Fats ARE necessary when trying to lose weight, there are certain fats our bodies need to essentially “let go” of the unwanted fat.

Why carbohydrates? Contrary to popular belief, carbs are not the reason you can’t fit into those size four jeans without jumping up and down and doing the pant dance before leaving the house. Carbohydrates keep our bodies moving, being the first source of energy for your physique carbs protect all the hard work that you’ve put into the gym, without carbs our bodies will try to get energy from any source which can sometimes result in loss of muscle.

Why sugar? Well well well… the devil has appeared. Sugar is the single worst ingredient in an individuals modern day diet, causing weight retention, decay of teeth, spiked insulin levels, and the list goes on.

If you are going to implement a high fat nutrition source into your diet, be careful as to where you place it. Fats are great to incorporate in your pre-training meal, allowing your body to have a spike of energy before hitting the weights.

Carbohydrates not only keep our bodies moving but also repair the torn muscle tissue that we breakdown in the gym every day, we recommend to keep the carbohydrates high after your work out so your body gets the proper nutrients to grow the muscle group that you trained!

Sugars are tricky. Those with a hyper thyroid typically can handle more sugars than those with a normal to slow thyroid/metabolism. If you are to keep sugars in your daily regimented diet, keep those sugars for when you desire that insulin spike i.e. post training. Spiking your insulin post training will take those sugars and carbs and fill up the exhausted muscle, causing repairment and growth of that muscle group.

Be aware of what you’re choosing to fuel your body with. Although, there are many staple foods that are labeled healthy and nutritiously dense; you could be consuming them at the wrong time of day or in an over abundance for your physique. Eat for performance, eat to grow, eat to lose.

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